Łzy [PL]
My style fantastic, New York's own, my tone sarcastic
In my zone there's no way to match it
My heart torn, b*t*h came, snatched it
My art raw now I'm gone off the acid
It popped off like hardcore matches
Shorty sweet like no-look Magic
Uh, yeah, you hit it then you pa** it
Jura**ic Park in the backyard, cla**ic
On my shirt lay the napkin, I'm dashin'
I kick jams but I can't kick habits
With a grin commit sins on the Sabbath
I score baskets, I vote fascist
Undertaker take your soul, closed casket
I been been aware, see I'm silverware, you plastic
Your thin innerwear will kill you, scene graphic
BLAP! My team always tapped in
Make you tap out before I bring the raps out
We darkside villains, we was chillin' in the blackout
Lightin' loud with the candle light
It's the Lord of the Night, came to handle mics
If you see me in the air you better cancel flights
They said life ain't fair, just gamble right
Now I'm blowin' on the dice, there go another vice
Order 'nother slice, extra order white rice
Told my last b*t*h "B*t*h F**k You, have a nice life"
I was a pharaoh in my past life
A native with the arrows and a packed pipe
Shaved spears, ate deer, never lacked pride
Shake fears, Verb Shakespeare, act right
End scene, cue the next drama
Sharpshooter moves gave your crew of fools trauma
New improved Dahmer, in the booth he a bomber
Runnin' loose produce juice on the hooters of your baby mama
Word to mama
Produce juice on the hooters of your baby mama
Haha, word to mama
Produce juice on the hooters of your baby mama