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Canned Heat

"My Mistake"

Well I thought I'd been a gambler and I'd pegged my baby wrong
Worrying about a nightmare baby it's been worrying me too long
I'm just trying to tell you, what's been on my mind

Well you didn't even write to me and I didn't know how come
I sat around and wondered how could I be so awfully dumb
I had the blues so bad, it hurt my mind to talk

I thought you had run a game on me I hope you understand
Now everything is fine and I would like to be your man
'Cuz you've never done a thing to, let me down it's true

Now I've never loved a woman in the way that I loved you
It was such a bad bad scene when I thought that we were through
Well I cried and I cried but I, ain't gonna cry no more

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