[Verse 1: Talik]
I'm a leader of the neegers
F**king whoopi goldberg whilst she whips up a gold turd
Surfing up the syphillis
Making sh*t ridiculous
Spew it so hot you would swear its from. Her n***a lips
I'm doper than arsenic
Mixed with cocaine
Snorted through bombs i got Saddam hussein
I am the man
I make it rain
Nuclear gas that will make you insane
Yes keep it innate
See into the future and twist up your fate
Smoke bongs man
Bomb up japan
I'm killing this b*t*h just like o. J
Simpson b*t*h you can pray to your God but he ain't listening
F**k a Christian in the a** with a pitchfork
This dork likes to get screwed like a used cork
Used w****s backing me up like bad pork
Miss piggy getting ate up in new york

God. Damn
That's where I am
Crushing down manhatten without a driver's license and
Bushmeat hanging off the side of my hand
Blood dripping everywhere
Making it clear I don't play
B*t*h you better read this sweatshirt and obey
Me and Jacob saggy t**s
Had a f**king fight
So I went to Jacksonville to f**k a hoe and spend the night
Had her on her belly as I took her as in spite
Of all the other guys she had over in the night
I can't stomach that mess
So I let it rip and filled up her uterus
Yeah, crazy suicidal flow
Like kamikazes bombing ships so
Fly like a jet, raping so many b*t*hes, you would think im from tabit
Man f**k
Rode the train back home
Like. Tyler in Jornada all I am is lone
So what you doing
What's your plans today
Actually I'm going to a party to make a b*t*h my prey
So I went around 9 tryna have a good time
Looking for a dime
Who I can lace a pill of mine
In a cup
But before I could this dude said what's up
He had a cup of lean
Looking like a walking meme
I was about gone before he said what he was on

So f**king dope
Keep a line of fresh coke
Cocaine smoke
Keep the high I'm so woke
Doper than arsenic
I swear there's no hope
Freshest drugs out hit it once and elope

[Verse 2: Talik]

Doper than arsenio after his show
Why? Because all I do is straight blow
High on oxycontin, getting seizures in the halls
Sweating heavy feeling hotter than my f**king balls
Got a new b*t*h and I took her to the stalls
Nudged her head down and watch her knees get the fall
Wanted to change my life
So I copped a body
I'm the snatcher for the morg
Taking everybody
Pull out a gun that's a FN 90
Just try me, I'll walk in a crowd and shoot blindly
Give a b*t*h and vinereal disease
And act kindly
You faggots don't like me cause a n***a grimey
As f**k, I don't give a care, so prepare
Cause when I get there
You will hear thunder and crackles in your ear
Ma** hysteria when I appear you feel fear
Can't seem to breathe due to the toxics in the air
Your arms and legs tremble
So careful like a rental
You know you f**ked up
Cause I'm messing with your mental
I gave your hoe my johnson
Making action: bronson
Killing all you blood suckers call me magic johnson
I'm a man: Ron Swanson
You a faggot: Shane Dawson
Oh damn
Got too Much d**k for this b*t*h to handle
I'm lit as f**k and don't need a candle
I don't need gas
Cause I'm rocking the flannel