Calm Down
[Verse 1: Talik]
No, no , no
No no no
B*t*hes on my d**k
And you're my hoe
Got my money
Yeah i got my doe
If you dont like me then bye bye hoe
(hi key)
Im just indifferent
B*t*hes texting dumb like they illiterate
Either deliberate or not being stupid ain't hot
B*t*hes sneaky a** thots
Dont pay a single thought to em
Focused on a rolly and a slim
Suit with a trim
Looking fresher than some rims
N***as tryna hate about my style with the pen
So ima go out on a limb
They ain't f**king with the kin
Im the kingpin in this b*t*h
Focused on the money
In general getting rich
This sh*t ain't new to me
But if i see a fake a n***a say sh*t
Ima hang his a** like jewelry
Ya dig

[Verse 2: Talik]

Brought to you by this d**k
Rap game so sick
I been sitting back not really doing sh*t
Slacking off in fact yeah im crazy with the flip
Cause im flipping these tracks
Like im making profits b*t*h
No need for the versus
This ain't Tekkin
I been wrecking
Since before Ritalin
His adhd make it hard to be friends with him
She called my phone and said i changed
I dont know what you talking bout
She said she wanna go home, then b*t*h walk it out
She chilling in the bay with her t**ties out
But im focused on making moves with the right route
Really interesting how my mind works
Like gears moving introspective perks
This is how i live
I died young to have this life, man i did
I had to make it in
Cause you know im bout my ends
Ends meet in this b*t*h, throwing hundreds at my friends