Crank it up
[Verse 1: Talik]
Yo I'm back on the track
Bout to put it in drive
Got me rhyming and sh*t
Like a wanna be plies
Had to like my lip
And I'm eye balling thighs
Her mouth going up and down
Man what a surprise
She like the driver
She think I' like mac gyver
Pu**y so wet I'm bout to be a diver
That ocean type sh*t no finding dory
Had to get into her house like my name was Corey

Crank it up
Yeah yeah yeah
Crank it up
Yeah yeah yeah
Crank it up

[Verse 2: Talik]
We are.moving
Got Ellie on the violin
She in the back seat wit lamar
In this hot new car
Man its so bizarre
Yo boi
Blowing up, allhu ahkbar

Got tons of b*t*hes
I spit it so vicious
My rhyme scheme malicious
Clean as f**k like the dishes
I'm swimming in riches and various treasures
Yo girl she obsessed and she writing me letters
And She knitting me sweaters that say f**k me
I'm better than any other hoe on your roster I'm wetter

Thats good
Lets get on snapchat and snap that pu**y
On the gram i double tap that put it with stussy
Yup, had to show love to my brand
They knew they had it coming cause i am the f**king man

Got bands with bands linkin park in the stands
No dragon ball z but you can catch these hands
Crawling in my skin, im feeling on the rage
Bout to have a face off no nicholas cage
Stomp a n***a like a gas pedal no gemini or sage
The f**ks i give is on the next page

I ran out of paper yo'
But i give no f**ks so that's good

Freestyle freestyle no 8 mile
Really really yeah no superduper kyle
B*t*hes no i stalk them cause i got their file
N S A type sh*t like a all seeing eye
D E A type sh*t look and rummage through supplies
C I A type sh*t steady throwing f**king knives
And i ain't had to lie
But homie you about to die
Shooting dudes in the head like the fbi