[Verse 1: Talik]
I'm kool like a box of cigarettes
Get at me
Got a room full of thotties
Double D's please
Give em P, watch her whole face freeze
Saying cheese
Throwing cheddar mozzarella split her after strip tease
Get on your knees
I'm a deity
Spitting atrocious acidity
Actually acing acts actin with avidity
Looking like the same n***a who f**ked Tiffany
And snuck out the back cause her n***a wasn't feeling me
This dudes a joke, I grabbed an AK cause he was killing me
Trumping every b*t*h, like the president and Hillary
Clinton what yo sniffing, I'm grabbing these pussies
Slam em' against the walls just to seem em' gushy
N***a i am fed like a demon
Cream pie two b*t*hes just to spread semen
These hoes going overboard
Swimming with the sea men
I got you starving on the track
So tell me what you eating
These crumbs that T leave for the whacks to keep track
Transforming to a clone and biting bars off my raps
Chicken quesadilla
I am winning mama mia
And I'm sipping on tequila
I'm the sh*t like diarrhea


Got Damn, Got Damn
Got Damn, Got Damn
I just f**king snapped man