[Verse 1 : XTalik]
I tried to get out, go and make some friends
But I just ended up letting fakeys in
I was annoying
But I wasn't trying to be, so I was avoiding
Getting way of things, but they were enjoying
Making fun of me every day
I had to change my style in every type of way
To be accepted
But I was too poor to do that
I got rejected
F**k the brand names and the fresh fades
Still was tryna get laid
Up in 9th grade
Had the fresh perm to go with my style
Straight edgy
Never did drugs
And I fought like Neji
Wanted to be an actor
Still do, to this day
But more so a rapper
Never one to play
No Broadway but I acted
And acted
Tried to be the cool kid
They burned me like acid
Roasted subtracted and straight outcasted
Retreated to music and blasted my headphones
Blow out my eardrums
Living on anthems
My d**k dryer than my phone
Stuck in the twilight zone
No matter where i'm at i'm always

Alone x4
(No matter how much)
Alone x4

[Verse 2: XTalik]
F**k getting rich
Please throw me in a ditch
You took out my heart and batted it out like a pitch
Home run home run
Where I go, when I get shunned
Lock myself in my room play games and i'm done
Too many to fight, to many to battle
Put up an att**ude and the bullies will rattle
They fill up the halls and
Target us like cattle,,
Use words to pelt us and skin us to saddles
So I stayed in my house
Started writing lyrics
Talked about my triumphs but those were Pyrrhic
Wasn't really much
But I had to let it all out
I gotta kill the noise show em what i'm all about
You faggots plastic
This an occult cla**ic
Sound wave orgiastic
It's all fantastic
Bash it
Put it in your next f**king playlist
Gotta let it out, i'll never be shameless
Or brainless, don't be f**king ignoramus
I'll be ball park, shooting f**king your girls a***
I guess my minds a cyclone
I'm bad to the bone
And i'm sure, that's written in stone
That i'll always be alone

Alone x4
(No matter how much)
Alone x4
(No matter how much I try)