[Verse 1 : XTalik]
My n***as we be thriving
We never f**king hiding
We shoot you once in the head
Sleeping like bin laden
Gotta keep going progress the greatest pleasure
Success is what we got, it ain't something we can measure
Infinite good vibes
Lazyness ill advised
We gotta keep it buzzing
Like a damn beehive
Sober up your mind
Never drink and drive
Stay in your own lane
And focus with your eyes
You'll be surprised
What will happen
F**k them stupid haters who sleeping on you
Those n***as whack and they napping
They fruity fruit punch
They just some trolls you the kraken
Keep your head up like the song
Leave 'em gasping
Leave 'em in the dust
And chase your dreams make them happen
I'm chasing for the grammy
Making it for my family
Directing my life the best, trying to be another Stanley
Kubrick, lifes a puzzle like a rubix cube
Shout out to Stogie he's one hell of a dude
I go in, hit the ball like Babe Ruth
I go in, interrogate
Make 'em tell truth
I go in, turn her red
After she was blue'
I'm going breathing red
Burning out the whack few, like
The whack few like..