[Verse 1]
I just
I just
I just been f**king yo' hoes
With the 12 gauge
I'll kick in yo' doe'
Let it rain purple haze
B*t*h I just go
Never heard a n***a like me with this flow
F**king her face
I might case me a case
B*t*h you a mistake
Someone give me erase
Turtle a** n***as should keep up the pace
Talk that dumb sh*t
Say it straight to my face
Just caught a body
My home is a morgue
You a f**k n***a
Get stomped by a horde
Lynch your whole team
I carry that beam
Used to be lame
Was stuck in the scene
Now I f**k hoes
I'm stacking my green
Money making machine
B*t*h I'm so clean
Designer jacket im running the team
I'm a star like keem, living life like a dream
Living life like its a movie
Rolling that dank smoking doobies
Your b*t*h call me cold, she a groupie
That b*t*h drink my c*m like a smoothie
I'm really just flexing nothing new
All these n***as see what I do
Diamonds they dripping sky blue
Stay in the clouds with my crew
I might curbstomp your face
If you look at me wrong
Take a white b*t*h
She call me king kong
I'm playing ping pong
On her face she sucking my ding dong
No bell, I skeet on her face
Her nose got that sex smell
I'm bout to go ahead and drive the mase
My main b*t*h she bad so im catch a body
I dont f**k with no hoe, I pick up some work by using a trolley
Flex on your whole damn crew
Come in with a neck full of gold wrist blue
They follow like religion two chains said true!
They try'na beat the kid, eat a n***a like Buu
Man i'm drippin' sauce like yuck
This ain't Pouya but you boy getting buck
You sit there acting like the sh*t but you suck
That's whys your girl hoeing sit and watch like a cuck!
I dont got sh*t to say to any ningens
I'm a trap rap god, f**k all of your mentions
I come in slice a n***a down like I was kenshin
Come in with nothing but a clip of extensions
Got more weaponry than muh f**king ten ten
Ben Ten
Run the whole omniverse and then sin
Making every puzzle complicated this is KenKen
Super saiyan blue no Goku
All you do is watch do I look like roku?
What the f**k do I know you?
Oh you that hoe, well I eat it like whole foods
Everybody know that you smelly like tofu

What the f**k x2

N***a trying to be kin to me
B*t*hes steady befriending me
Killing all in vicinity
Killing n***as like Kennedy
N***as try'na be mini-mes
I'm causing everyone misery
I'm rapping with straight agility
Showing my true abilities x2

[Verse 2]
N***as try'na peddle
Meddle, f**k with my set
They officially get f**ked with toxicity, check

I hit a b*t*h hard when I'm fully erect
In other words their pussies get riggity riggity wrecked
I pour a cup for my dad as a show of respect
I deliciously place bars with symmetry, yet
These n***as wanna sh*t talk until i'm cutting their neck
With the edge of the paper of which i'm cashing my cheques