Rated X
[Verse 1]
I been trapping out the booth
Yeah yeah yeah
F**k her till she loose
Yeah yeah yeah
Straight facts out the roof
Yeah yeah yeah
She suck me with no tooth
Yeah yeah yeah

Go and make it clap
Bounce it just like that
Booty so soft
Like a pillow take a nap

Knock a n***a out
I Knock a n***a back
Shoot a n***a up
And I turn em to a pack

All you n***as whack
I Blow it on her rack
I Make her choose me
Who you with?
No Bernie Mac

I got the mid and highs
I make her go low
I'm clapping on them thighs
She with me no surprise

Yeah yeah

I'm killing that pu**y till I'm wanted for murder
I shoot up your spot then I throw way the burner
She got a blow job I make her my worker
Pu**y so wet I turn to a surfer

So cold
So nice

I won't stop, I f**k up that wish
Rated x all in yo' b*t*h x3

Rated x all in in yo' b*t*h x2

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah