*High pitch scream* (Ahhhhhhhh)
Hahahahahahahahahaha, hahaaahaha!
Hahahahaha, hehe (perfect)

Man I feel so alive
I'm seeing through my third eye (eye-eye-eye-eye)
Man I'm feeling like Thanos
None of you n***as survive (eye-eye-eye-eye)
Man I'm feeling like Sara
I swing my sword to the sky (eye-eye-eye)
Yeah I live in the sky (eye-eye-eye)
I'm always naturally high (eye-eye-eye-eye)

-You can kiss your future goodbye, b*t*h
You got caught in a lie
My aim precise like Hawkeye is
I'm f**king dying inside

I can't wait to fill up a plaza
Im saucy like some good pasta
Defy gravity like I've been touch by Uraraka
You'll never stop me (hahaha)

Uh, do you copy?
I came dripping in the game like some good sloppy toppy
My main carrying a hammer like her name was f**king poppy
Killing all of you hoes like it was her f**king hobby

Back off my mental (ugh)
Back off you whack
I be running through the six like I was on crack
And I'm talking 'bout this
And I'm talking that smack
Yeah I'm putting in hours
Just to make me a rack
Call me John Cusack
Cause I get sh*t done
And I'm smart as MatPat
And you're just my c*m
Yeah you're just my son
Back off you bum
And I made me a band
So I carry a drum
Like blao blao blao (Brrr)

Came rolling in like Samus
How you like me now
Can't sweat my style
My city got waves like Atlantis
And none of you n***as worthwhile
Like ope, ope, ope
No Homer like dope, dope, dope
I'm cleaner than soap, soap, soa
I'm tighter than ropes, rope, rope
You know I'm the goat
You a joke
Get wrote off n***a

I been really running sh*t like Usain Bolt n***a
And I'm with AK, he don't pull no triggers
And your main want me, but I don't like sinners
And I'm only running with the winners
You a rat get splat, I don't like Splinters
And I'm really in the Kia with the new spinners
Cannot afford a new coupe or an old bimmer
And I'm raising the pressure cause your blood thinner
I been swimming in the wave I'm a good swimmer
I'm a good swimmer (uh, YEAH)

Inventing, ain't nobody wanna ride with me
Ain't nobody wanna bleed with me
Ain't nobody tryna' ride with me
Ain't nobody tryna' die with me
I don't care, cause I'm so light, I am so godlike (Godlike)