(Yeah, uh, chill for a second boys, uh)

She say she want a body a body
And some dead presidents, that illuminati
I'm just tryna' get like Carti
But you playing these games like an old atari

[Verse 1]
Why you always dying to hate? (okay)
Why is every move I make up for debate? (yeah, yeah okay)
You already sealed your fate
I see you want some clout, why you come out late (uh)
How you claim you on the grind
But way back when you were wasting my time (yeah, yeah okay)
Why you wanna try and be fresh
Ayo Who the f**k you tryna impress
Ayo, Who the f**k you tryna impress

[Intermission 1]
B*t*h, n***a
I'm on my bully sh*t, If i see you on the street
You gonna end up missing
Already f**king know, gang f**king problems
I'll f**king kill you
Came through with the cash
I was really on x2
N***a really gone (f**king drag you through the f**king mud)
I'mma stomp you b*t*h, alright, Wicked

[Verse 2]
Yeah n***a, You can slide out
Rank zero, yeah we ride out
And I know, Just where you hide out
If I see you on the street, I'ma pull 'em nines out
You don't know real pain hoe you 'bout to find out
I be clipping these n***as give fade lines out
I'm photo shoot fresh but I'm deadly with the mag
Fat gas hitting off the wrist that's a hashtag
You ain't got no hoes, man you looking real sad
I'mma leave you in a Pitt young n***a no Brad
Put a n***a straight to sleep
Rank zero Mobb Deep
Bunch of shook ones, claiming that they not f**king weak
I'm not Takashi but I'm sick with the nine (uh)
Throw shade like a n***a was a blind
If I see yo' a** imma hit you with a fine
Oh that's your new whip? Well I guess that b*t*h mine

[Intermission 2]
Give it here n***a
New whip, got it off the hip
Young n***a with the drip
B*t*h, that b*t*h a perv
Petty a** b*t*h, yeah, wait
Hol' up, Hol' up, Hol' up

I'm an aquarius , dripping
So dope
Now she want me, that's a  a hoe-scope
Back the f**k, off me tho
Purple stone wrist
Gang gang amethyst
I don't f**k with hoes
Cause they too risky
Plus I got a girl that's gonna spend her life with me
In Houston whipping Whitney
'Bout to own sh*t like Disney!

[Hook 2]
And a n***a so wicked
I feel like John Wick, cause i'm so wicked (cause a n***a wicked)
I feel like John Wick, cause I'm so wicked (cause a n***a wicked)
I feel like like John Wick and a n***a wicked (cause I'm so wicked)
I feel like John Wick, I'm John Wick wicked
'Bout to f**k yo' hoe and I made that wig splitted
Hit em with the machete, I kick up like confetti
F**k up on that Betty n***a, f**k her real steady n***a