Been a god since a little kid
Then I found pa**ion when I found *bleep*
Had the fire starter on a different vid
Had to spit some sh*t, pop a few lids
Yeah you know I killed yeah thats what I did
And I never envisioned i'd be on this mission
Raised to be a faithful hellborn christian
Now a demonic fire p*ssin whipping
Lizard with a vision, f**king women n***a listen

Blow ya' cap like it's graduation
Rhymes hotter than infatuation
Gang can't hang like it's back to banging
All hail me not satan
Heart racing like i'm speed dating
Fall for me like Empires ratings
What am I saying?

Gang gang we lift weight
Like schwarzenеgger on a bench press
F**k sleeping n***as been dеaf
Touch a track leave you breathless
Touch the track 'fore I run sh*t
Torture n***as make 'em crave death
Kill a feature make 'em omit
Thats a real obituary
Writing plays no Tyler Perry
James Madden, been saint
True colors on red paint
Ain't got a dollar in your damn bank
Fried frenz on repeat though
Never spent a dime on a cheap hoe
Never spent a dime on a feature
No you lame as f**k sucks to meet ya'
Always been alone
Always been at home
Look up at my phone
Ain't nobody call
Always tried to work
Sweat all on my shirt
Staying up at night
Ain't nobody saw
Let you stay inside
Said you down to ride
Now you wanna hide
You ain't tryna ball
Gang gang, we wanted it all
No gang gang
You just want me to fall

Been alone from the start ripped apart
You know how that ended
I don't feel love, just pain, just strain
It comes in a minute
I been on top
I been on the bottom
I been everywhere
To avoid my problems
I been on top
I been on the bottom
I been everywhere
To avoid my problems
I'm stocking my green like its celery
Been alone since elementary
Number one destroyer is jealousy
Like Kennedy im leaving a legacy
Not gonna stop this is my destiny
I'm 'bout to go nuts no vasectomy
You f**k with my there will be penalties
F**k a friend all is the enemy

(Gang, gang, gang)
Wah, F**k with me you'll f**king die
If a n***a talk, I shoot a bullet through his eye
I don't give a damn about a n***a in the sky
Looking at me
Man I'm finna find a pot
Cat got me swerving
Just got it off the lot
F**k off with that sh*t
N***as talking
I don't give a damn about sh*t
F**k off with that sh*t
N***as talking
I ain't even plan to kill sh*t, n***a