First Blood
I don't give a f**k about you
I don't give a f**k about Steel
And I don't give a-

(Verse 1)
F**k about anybody
Catch a body
Popping ollies
Man I feel like Broly
And I'm prolly
Eating pockies
Out of sheer folly
Gosh golly
Feeling Holly
While I give her wood
I won't stop until I'm shackin' with Meagan Good
Future dark turning brighter than Meagan Good

Oh Geez
Yeah I f**king went there
B*t*h please
R.I.P Pop
And R.I.P. Steez

New york we coming up
I dont give a f**k
Long island gone stand up
Catch me getting buck
On a truck
N***as suck
Like p***stars
Rhyme in 2G, i'm LTE I got 4 bars
N***as tryna flex until they get carded
Discarded, bombarded
You dishonest
I'm the hardest
I'm too honest
I'm the hottest
Adonis, who the god is

Ugh Ugh
Sprеad when 5G, (ugh)
Stacking gingerbread man
Can't catch mе (ugh)
Kurta clan, killing all you spideys (ugh)
Red eyes dripping blood like IVs (ugh)
I'm Naofumi, like the hero with the shield
You a boxy a** square like a Minecraft build
If you tryna get close, then you about to get killed
(Finna flood through the mud, finna get first blood)
(First Blood)
WHO THE F**K, really gonna test me
Vampire flow, no holy water bless me
Cool calm collected none of y'all can stress me
Finna get beheaded by the legendary X T
Can't press or contest me
I always keep it locked
Like them coppers went arrest me
Got a list of reasons I'm the best on a prezi
And none of you fake f**ks ever gonna best me n***a

Ayy, ayy yeah
I'm finna run up the bank, Yeah
I got the drip like a sink, Yeah
I give a f**k what you think, Yeah
Dress my wifey up in pink, Yeah
All white like a saint yeah, uh, wait
All white like a saint b*t*h

(Verse 2)
My third eye is open
It doesn't blink
F**k with the order you'll be extinct
Omega God with the quad wheeler
Minigun in a two seater
Drop the iron like I need a breather
Hit that n***a with the heater
Hit his b*t*h I'm finna keep her
Ring on it, she a keeper
Take his whole spine out
MKX, You gone find out
Schools in, got the binds out
Blind fold he's in time out
30 on him, now his mind out
Acid vat, he went down south
All these b*t*hes really acting prude but they on they knees when the lines out

Snort snort
Going in
Horton hears a w****, bring a friend
Don't like 'em, don't even pretend
If a n***a talkin then I'm boutta sin
Grab a shotgun hit him in the leg
Like a mailman I'm finna send (yeah)
Up to heaven, grab the Mac 11 (yeah)
He go down down (ultra combo)
Like Seven & Seven (Yeah!)

This b*t*h a** n***a said I stole his flow
So I had to kill him dead (Fatality)
He ain't talkin no mo'
N***as know
XT might kill yo' f**king hoe, false claiming on the bro
Never right, I swing Storm Bringer like Everlight
Every time I spit n***a, hella sight
Like a b*t*h n***a yeah hella tight (hella tight)
N***a what the f**k!

F**k you talking 'bout (Ayy, ayy yeah)
(I'm finna run up the bank, yeah)

Steal yo' f**king flow n***a?
(I got the drip like a sink, yeah)

Don't f**king know who the f**k you are n***a
(I give a f**k what you think yeah)

F**king b*t*ha** n***a
(Dress my wifey up in pink yeah)

If I see you n***a, It's on site n***a
(All white like a saint yeah, uh, wait
All white like a saint b*t*h)