Titan Flow
T**an Flow
(Hmm, hmm, HEMM)

(Verse 1: XTalik)
Godmode, I'm Andrew from Chronicle
XTalik evil genius, diabolical
My girl so bad she kick a**, Kim Possible
Like Flux Pavillion my progress unstoppable (unstoppable)

Like a picky eater everything untoppable
Your chances are slimmer than skinny jeans impossible
Improbable, all you dummies sub optimal
I'm prodigal, key master unlockable (Ha!)
Leaving crowds froze and my mic stay droppable

You dont want the smoke like a blown head gasket
You puff puff L's like an alley oop pa** it
My zoot stay lit when I throw 'em in the caskеt
Young Zion every shot straight basket (Doublе kill)
I'm psycho on the mic, I'mma need a straight jacket (Triple kill)
Listen to the greats, taking notes, study Raskit (Quadra kill!)
Helen Parr powers, bounce back no elastic (ugh) (Penta kill!)

Views become currency and currently
I'm drifting through the current of the wave so perfectly
Rat n***as make me feel fervently
Killing snakes in the water feeling like Hercules
I just split open a hydra
My girl so bad but she obsessed like Myra
Champion no Zyra
Righteous, bankin like Tyra
I need power, gimme brain no Sylar

King of the dead you can call my Osiris
Lodge a wide receiver, play the field: DaMarkus
Dragon clock watch, yeah my wrist of Dracarys
Push it to the limits
XTalik go the farthest N***a!

(Bridge: XTalik and Yung Ale)
(An enemy is Godlike)
Bow, bow, bow! Whoop! Bow! Bow! Whoop, whoop!
Whoop-whoop-whoop!! Whaaaaaaa!

(Verse 2: Yung Ale)
T**an flow, eating up
These n***as really think that I'm a T**an though
The way I'm walking on these beats
They think I got the touch like I am Midas hoe
Mind as well, bring eternal flame
Like if I came from hell
Paypal me cause honestly I do not f**k with Zelle
300 for a beat, cause I'm a fan of Chief Keef
What can you say to me, almighty baby
Alexander, yeah I'm great
If you don't mind the crazy
B*t*h I am amazing, (?) Then amaze me
You gone have to do some work
If you gone wanna taste me
Difficulty hard baby, I ain't really easy
If I saw I wanna f**k just know that I am teasing
Me and XTalik, make yo' girlfriend freak-a-leek
Like we Petey Pablo, making b*t*hes swallow
Tryna fill up this hole in my chest
Like I'm a hollow
I don't want no necky from a Becky
Really they upset me
Not as upsetting as the culture
Tryna share the knowledge
They don't wanna listen
What a bunch of vultures
N***as blinded by subscriptions
Made by who
Just because yo' mama told you
Doesn't mean that it's the truth
How can you expect to make bank
If you don't change, widen up your range
Dip in different lanes
Go and entertain
(?) For the brain
Judge before the game
Gotta find my sanity in different ways
Life's out my mind, yeah it feel like
It's a maze, b*t*h I'm great
I'mma change my fate
Do it for the sake, of humanity
Uh uh uh, yeah
B*t*h, I'm weird god
Whoo (Whoo, bow! The prophet)