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Insane Poetry Lyrics

The Snuff Reels Director's Cut: The Birth of Richard Hansen Tour Edition (2017)

Unsubs (2016)

Violent Art EP (2016)

20 Years of Madness (2013)

Creative Destruction Mixtape Vol.1 The Prelude To Edgar Allan Holiman (2012)

Mr. Zipperface (2012)

Tha Insane Poetry Collection (2011)

Blacc Plague: Deadly Virus Edition (2009)

History: Rare & Unreleased (2009)

Sutter Kain Presents Insane Poetry ‎– Cyco The Snuff Reels (2008)

Fallen From Grace (2007)

Ghetto Metal Kings (2005)

Faith in Chaos (Book of Revelations) (2003)

Blacc Plague (1996)

Grim Reality (1992)

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