Ethan Klein
Decaffeinated African
[Intro: iDubbbz]
Mmm, you already know what it is
Mmm, yeah
If you don't, Quaffine
You bout' too find out

[Verse 1: iDubbbz]
Sticky bottom buddha
Sucky d**ky monkey
Lumpy muffin momma
Saggy t**ty grandma
Creepy mitten mummy
Wriggly giggly weenie
Sh*tty MIDI keyboard
Muddy grundle goblin
Yeah, mmm
Thats what lines is all about
Make you go out like sauerkraut
Gonna bury you
Bury you, in a grave
Make yo momma turn into a slave
That wasn't what I was going for
You're black
Didn't mean that
I take it right back
Really sorry
Sorry about that, Quaffine
I know why they call you Quaffine now
You're not fully African
Your more like a decaffeinated African