Havoc & The Alchemist
Buck 50's & Bullet Wounds
[Verse 1: Havoc]
I got a bird's eye view, like bird and swine flu
I'm sick with it, no cure for sh*t that I do
Heavy handed when I jotted down a lyric
You ain't half what Havoc is, or anything near it
I'm a ticking timebomb, that sit in your mind palm
The blicky, your mind palm, no planet, we improv
You n***as pu**y wearing feelings on your sleeve though
Go kill yourself, your shorty out here giving deep throat
The winner team is over here, check the point spread
Our ball first, give a f**k what the coin said
They try to zoo us, keep it from the shakers, movers
Cause we animals, the valuables, there be a lotta to us
Quick, out with the old, my n***a I be on some newer sh*t
Whoever got the coolest wrist, add 'em to the list
You be donating for the cause
Why you asking why n***a, do it just because
Never let a good jux go to waste, they see it's about face
The memories of the sound the four pound make
For years through the music, I took 'em a foul place
Life through my lens and how it would be without cake
[Yeah] buck 50 and bullet wounds
Nothing left to live for so we couldn't lose
Bubblin' with aga, had it poppin' off
Gunpowder residue on the cotton cloth
Lay laws on us yeah but we still wild
And never seasonal my n***a, this was year round
The blood runnin' through our veins
Got us locked up in this cell
Shacked up with the ball and chain [Bang!]

[Verse 2: Method Man]
The more herb I blew, the higher the IQ
Just trying to live, please forgive the evil I do
From W, the double crossing my crew
Dos Equis, my X2, get it, that's times two
I be spittin' raw dawg, the sticky in my paws
Southpaw, kill ya spirit, I get it from my Pa
We outlaws, we live it, no liquor in my bars
Drive 'em crazy in the streets, no different in my car
It's nada, I brought you change, no Obama
Like four quarters, some rappers change for a dollar
It's all aura, I do my thing you ain't gotta
Stop lying like Mufasa, I'm no Hakuna Matata
Boy, bullet holes in the lobby door
If you thinking that I'm a problem, I'm probably yours
Back with the brown, I got 'em leaning like Bobby jaw
Might catch a body and drop it off in somebody's drawer

[Outro: Method Man]
Yeah, Wu-Tang!
Mobb Deep!
20 years plus in the game!
Yeah Alchemist, I love you kid!