Havoc & The Alchemist
Maintain (Fuck How You Feel)
Uh, check me out now!

[Verse 1]
Uh I'm refreshing like that new car smell
Get ready for this ride, hold on to the guard rail
They try to go against us, mothaf**kas all fail
Steady making bread, while yours is all stale
I'm on point with it, you slower than a Sunday
Every day a Friday to us and a hump day
Chilling in the whip, I'm getting comfy
Nearby the money bug, was wildin' when it stung me
Fresh out the dungeon, where some souls never make it out
Life's a b*t*h, but me and her just finished making out
Never sit still, so the food I order take out
Like a n***a that we gotta murk and take out
Push the enveloppe like the knob on the mixer
With the fingers I fingered your wife with n***a
I'm a fixture in this rap sh*t, get used to it
You not speaking what I'm speaking, better get fluent

I try to tell 'em!
Talk to me!

[Verse 2]
Yeah I try to tell this mothaf**kas but the wax build up
Got them not hearing, whole click getting killed up
Heads gonna roll, I need a lion's share
I'm taking everything personal
I'm not the one you want to eye in here
Believe me it's not worth it duke [It's not worth it]
At your service, state my purpose
Slugs speaking for the kid, shots fly, n***as getting nervous
I'm on that other sh*t that n***as only dream about
B*t*h on the rag, so instead she let me beat her mouth
Never take the same way home, always the cynic route
N***as call time out, when they see my team out
This the life that we live, by better follow suit
Or get swallowed up by these streets like ramen noodles soup
Find me in the coupe scooping up ya main thing
I bring her right back, hold it down, it maintain

Yeah yeah yeah man just maintain you know!
Don't worry bout that!
We bring that right back you know!
We don't cuff over here!
Just maintain, sit back n***a!
Fall the f**k back!
Fall back!
You heard!?
We go for keeps, go for keeps, you go get it back
Run up on you, dead you on it, to a living facts
We play for keeps, for real, we play for keeps for real
OD with it, n***a we had to and give a f**k how you feel
F**k how you feel!
Give a f**k how you feel!
Give a f**k how you feel!