Pearl Charles
Anytime Soon
[Verse 1]
You could come around once a year, like a Christmas ghost
Or hold me down like an anchor, baby, but you can't do both
I can't be your father figure, but I could be your friend
Watch me burn my candle crazy at both ends

Nothing's gonna change here anytime soon
Catchin' fish in the mornin', get drunk before noon
Watchin' little brown bubbles floatin' in the spoon
Could be soakin' in a warm bath or back in the womb
Anytime, anytime soon

[Verse 2]
Used to want to be an astronaut, but I was just a kid
Spent my days in a batting cage where a robot pitched
Once you were my blushin' bride, I was your nervous groom
But now we're just more comfortable sleepin' in separate rooms, oh

Nothing's gonna change here anytime soon
Make a bed for the roses, hope that they bloom
I don't know if it's safe, but I just a**ume
I won't play in the majors or walk on the moon
Not anytime, anytime soon

[Verse 3]
Spin me a tornado, honey, cry me a monsoon
Let's just get through the holidays and the terrible twos
Christmas has pa**ed, it's just yellow snow
Sometimes you gotta hear somethin' that you already know, whoa

Nothing's gonna change here anytime soon
When it's all unpredictable, I can still count on you
Lookin' for the mailbox with the red balloons
I'll be late to the party, but I have an excuse
'Cause no one likes breakin' bad news
It's nothing I'm wantin' to do
Not anytime, anytime soon