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"​taking shots of jack in the middle of the night"

Go into the kitchen pour some jack and get lit
f**king every b*t*h that I be tryna f**king get
Everybody f**ks with me and everybody with
Everybody lit with me and everybody stiff
Stiff as a motherf**king d**k
You’re not invited to the clique
We got so many people tryna f**king hit
Wait a bit, pour it up
Take some more then double cup
I be faded with a cross and with another
That’s what’s up

[Verse 1]
Shoutout to my cousin Tyler he’s locked up right now
Saw him in a sh*tty jail cell, he was rotting on the ground
Then I went to Fort Walton
Then I bought some f**king clothes
And I closed a bag of chips up
Then I made a song no joke
Broke, choke
Do you think I need to motherf**king choke you?
Go to hell and then motherf**king glow too
I don’t know how I'mma f**king go to you
If all you’re gonna do is f**king flow too
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