Im Coming
[Introduction - 2pac]
Got to do whatever you gotta do to make money, to stay alive
In Hip-Hop; gotta stay true to the streets

[Introduction - Fredo and 'Stro]
Aye 'Stro?
Yo GG?
Aye talk to dem my brudda
Yoooo, Aye big up my bro Fredo yea?
Big up my whole H-R Gang
Gang, Gang, Gang! 's knows how we rocking
H-R-P Patten Gang as soon we land, yea?
Big up all my H-R n***as [?] real talk yea?
[?] man locked HMP [?], ya get me? live and direct from the workout, yea?
Joke ting
Free all my n***as! Gang, Gang

I'm coming! (I'm coming)
Tell all of dem' rappers I'm coming (right now!)
And tell all dem' rappers I'm doing this sh*t for dem' youngins
Tell all dem' rappers I'm doing this sh*t for dem' n***as dat came up from nuttin' (From nuttin')
My bruva's ain't into the running
My bruva's ain't into the cuffing (No Way!)
I'm coming, I'm skeeting
I bucked off his face with my strap cause he neeky' (Yea!)
Bro do you believe me? 4 years ago I was riding my bike doing wheelies (Mad!)
Then my life took a change for the best (Yea!)
Changing lanes in the range with a sket' (Y-Y-Yea!)
Now they saying my name on the ends (Yea!)
There's no way that I change on my friends (No!)
That can't happen!
These Balmain's cost me 7-4, I half-ounced dem'!
It's ah f**king joke
I was f**king broke
Now I'm skating round, in ah f**king Ghost
And I'm sorry for my language but you can't understand it
Went from chilling on da' landing
Now it's shopping spree's in Lanvin
In Dubai my b*t*h is Latin
No more zingers eating salmon
Catch me speeding up to hatten's
To see Christmas for some carrots
So, can someone tell these rappers that I'm coming? (Now!)
N***as see my straps, get to running (Gone!)
I got real love for dem' youngins! (I Do!)
Cause we came up, off of nuttin'
Not ah thing
And all my b*t*hes get is a hotel room and not a ring
And N***as talking 'bout the trap
And they don't sell, no not ah thing they're on computers
Free Billy known as 'the mover' (Bro!)
Catch me overseas rolling on scooters (Skrrt!)
I'm no liar!
I got a dead-phone, it's ah like'ah but it makes 2 bags when it lights-up! (Racks!)
I got rate-AM whats the [?] of (I Need It!)
I'm a D-Boy (Yea!)
And the Asian-G, that's my B-Boy (Bro!)
And the car behind just a decoy
We ain't tryna get stopped with deez' toys (No Way!)
But we're coming, Free Melo! (Bro!)
Free Uptown and Free BDK cuz I love em! (I Do!)
Free G-6, and Free Stutter (Bruvas!)
Free 'Stro that's bro (Yea!)
In due time we'll buck-off
Free Lil Slice, he's a nutt'ah (1-Hunna!)
The list goes on, when my wrist goes on it's like a Disco's on (Disco's On!)
Catch yo b*t*h face when my p*ss goes wrong (Ehhhh!)