Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the fittest
Man, I'm coming from that jungle
So you can say I'm riding with gorillas
What I'm writing is the realest
This rapping really saved me
I was tired of the whippin'
Balenciaga's cute, and so I buy 'em for the missus
If he's got the belly, Billy's tying up your n***a
And if he ain't been payin', you can find him in a river
I'm grindin' in the winter
This coat costs me two stacks, so I ain't gonna shiver
We don't beef on internet, pu**y boy, that's incorrect
Watch my hand, it's dripping wet, shoot him bout a disrespect
Plug scared to see in the flick of my wrist
And start thinking silly things like they can tick me a brick
Then I'm missing with it
I got this little dip, I'm sticking with it
And you can ask that little prick how I get busy with it
Man I walk in Harvey Nicks and I get silly with it
Still I'm tryna give my n***a Pact some prison visits
'Cause it f**ks me up, just to see him living in it
Up in a jacuzzi, but you gotta be a resident
Four racks a month is what I'm dropping on this premises
These times, the Grove yutes are squabbling with benefits
Gliding, not ticking, I'm rhyming and whippin'
We fried it in minutes, that's my kind of business
I'm ridin' through the city, I'm with Bad Luck Billy
Last n***a played around, yo, he got stabbed up silly
And I'm stacked up, really, so they wonder a lot
My friend's mum asked me why do I still come to the block?
'Cause my brothers are here, mummy, and I love 'em a lot
I can't forget about them times that we had nothin' but rocks
Good coke cooking, looks like c*m in the pot
And the second air touches, it should turn into rock
I got a gun in a spot, tell me, who you coming to rob?
And my chain means more because I done it for Dotz
Like how could you depart? You was there from the start
Wasn't no fear in your heart, man, I swear you're my dawg
And that's dead or alive, I'm talkin' free or in prison
I can't fly to the States 'cause I been in the kitchen
And they got some mad J's that I need in my system
And I'm rollin' all this weed up to feed the addiction
Yeah, I tried to stop smoking, but the weed didn't listen
Man, I heard what you done, so I'm keepin' my distance