Tiffany Calver Freestyle
[Intro: Fredo]
Yo, Fred
Tiffany Calver
Hottest DJ in the City

[Freestyle 1: Fredo]
Look, look
Have you ever sat down in a hospital bed
Like when you come outta here
Someone’s gotta be dead
If you're talking about the youngest drip
Then it’s gotta be Fred
If you see me running quick
Then it’s gotta be Feds
Yeah I got Expectations
That's gotta be met
So .... my wife, so I got em for head
If I carried on with my life, I’d probably be dead
Yo, these n***as know I’m tryna risk it for a biscuit
Still I’ve seen some vicious chingings
To the point, I bet that pu**y wish .... hit him
Yo I’ve been popping, I just spend 20 racks out when I was Christmas shopping
You been window shopping, I used to be into robbing
Them streets where we play and I know my n***a got me
Nah this ain’t eBay, but I still bid on shotty
I don’t even go in pools, but I’m swimming properly
Got a box full of jewels like I did a robbery
I was fixing my life, by breaking the law
I put d**k in ur wife, bro you been dating a w****
Got a show at half eight, so I’m taking the fort
Only thing I used to shut down at 8 was my door
That’s prison life, I do the same thing in a different life
They like you're famous, what’s it feeling like
But I don’t know, I’m in the barber’s with my kitchen knife
Rolling around with mellow like my wrist didn’t cost me 65
And Couple times I see ....
Your head don’t wanna run, but ur legs get to cutting
And growing up, them man there wanted sexing and clubbing
While my n***as were tryna be pressing on something
Check it, you ain’t never sent ur n***as up in jail money
You ain’t never cooked in kitchen’s till it smells funny
And I’m a rapper now, my young n***as ... from me
I don’t find not one thing about a cell funny
But last year I made so much of a pad and pen
I’m seriously thinking about never selling packs again
My young gs got it on them, you can’t chat to them
And if they lose it when they’re working, then I’ll pattern them
You been rapping about the trap, but you ain’t had a .....
I Think you should go to cunch and then come back again
By the time I was 16, I was never home
You’re looking at a rapper who come up of a pebble phone
I made a 100 thousand pounds, ......
Never heard me say that I won’t get involved
He Used to be around the gang, now we let him go
He’s out here lying to the people, tells me what I’m meant to know
You ain’t a real n***a, and let us catch you in the streets you know we’ll deal with ya
I done my chick wrong a lot of times, but I’m still with her
But don’t think it’s all sweet, Man it’s still bitter
I gotta deal with it
Before I was setting trends on the gram
I was setting pace with guys that .... with the gang
My n***a beat a boy down in the cell with his hands
I topped his phone up £20 just to send him ...
Now I can't go through central without spending some grands
All my gs locked up, I need to send him ....
Lil Troy got 22 years, that's the end of his ....
I'll be 45 when n***as land

[Freestyle 2: Fredo]