[Intro: Lil Friendzone]
Steppin in the booth

[Hook: Lil Friendzone]
Wakin up
Sipp a cup
For good luck
To corrupt my system
Floating on the wisdom (Having a good time)
And we do it every time
Internet depressions
Ain't we all just net-junkies
Filling up psychiatries
Acid, lean and marihuana
Chewin on weed like koalas
What are we gonna do
Who do we belong to

[Verse 1: Lil Friendzone]
An important part
Of who we are
But theft
All over the internet
Google, Apple, Microsoft
Holding us all aloft
They know who we are
But can we recall
Are we real and here
Something we should fear
Turning us to puppets
Figurines like muppets
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