POLO PERKS ﹤3 ﹤3 ﹤3
(Surf Gang)
(You're f**king with ShokuRadio)

[Verse 1: POLO PERKS]
I keep [?], wit' me
Why your hoe wit' me?
Beams on every pole wit' me
Yeah, keep that Glo' wit' me
Had to leave my old b*t*h alone, she had a hold on me
[?] in the trap, and the stove
So we cookin' oZ's and [?]
[?], they holdin' the bands up
Kick in his crib, get shot with his hands up
Aye, yuh
Nah, they can't love it
Posted up on the block, still as f**k
Had to tell this b*t*h, nah, I don't love her
Skrt, Surf Gang b*t*h, we can't trust you
I don't want that cup if it's not doubled
[?], CC doubles
[?] inside this bubble
Free bro, [?]
N***a, where I stay, that's where I hustle
Bro down bad, might just mug him

[Verse 2: Caal Vo]
I just got thе Wock', n***a, purple rain
When I'm in the strip club, I makе it rain
Got two twin Glocks, [?]
He's talkin' that sh*t, yeah, we got him gone
Send that boy up, like he David Blaine
I don't really feel sh*t, but I really feel pain
Yeah, I came from the mud, I feel like Bang
Yeah, these n***as pugs, but I'm a Great Dane
[?] can't feel his face, Novacane
I'm from the 7, where it always rain
Talkin' that sh*t, but [?]
[?] sh*t, n***a 'bout a grain
[?] f**ked up, then sane
Take that L, n***a, with no shame
Gotta bounce back, young n***a, maintain

[Verse 3: Moh Baretta]
Skrrt up in this b*t*h, in [?]
Too bad it ain't my damn f**kin' Mercedes
Never had a job, all these cats came over to pay me
Come on do it, let's talk it, let's say it
This isn't exotic, the f**k is you saying?
I want chicken nuggets, she want fish fillet
Come through to your spot, trappin' outside in day
[Outro: Karen O]
Wait, they don't love you like I love you
Wait, they don't love you like I love you
Wait, they don't love you like I love you
Wait, they don't love you like I love you