POLO PERKS ﹤3 ﹤3 ﹤3
Vapors (harrison)
Aye, yuh, aye, yuh, aye
You got 99 ways, n***a, go and choose one
I got 99 plays, n***a, I ain't lose one
I got 99 days, n***a, I can't snooze one
In the new IS, yeah, you know, the blue one
They ask, "when he gon stop countin?" til I got a blue thumb
Smokin thrax out a pinky, n***a, I don't do blunts
Look at my wrist like when they made it n***a? In the 80s, n***a
I heard you was talking down...lost in the vapors, n***a
High like we up in the clouds