TJ Stafford
Knife and Stone
Fire on the stove long travel. Water boiling nothing but the smoke
Property I'm sleeping on a Sattle. Don't even got a horse that I can own
Saving ideas over money. Maybe I can buy the North Pole
Figure if I never failed doing. Then I wouldn't have to face my shadow

Woke up early to a morning thunder
Dreaming i was on a phone call
On the other end of the signal. Further reason I was kinda off
Maybe if I had a silver dollar. Settle for a couple bars of soap
Seeing my reflection in the water. Holding just a old knife and stone

Tell me have you ever seen a mirror, mirror in the middle of a forest
You don't wanna be chopped liver, language that I speak is kinda foreign
Mocking bird sitting on a timber
Above I see a tree 11 stories
Never rate a novel by the pictures. But to never judge kinda boring

You know we out to go and get what not yours
Feeling what you worth you never get because you not owed
A brown penny from a desert bar, found it facing tails down hope your luck is like a shooting star
Just waiting for the rain or a cloud. I been up for thirty days someone point to lost and found
Bruised bones you heal without a cast. Drinking water from a stream out a home made flask

Ain't no rain in the desert
Ain't got no blood for the bones
Ain't no prayer in the temple
Just this knife & stone