Santa Destroy!


What goes down in the nitty gritty?
Gotta be careful when you enter the place
Night Life City
Santa Destroy
Bout to be on deploy when your the hero
Try to take your place, you'll be at level zero
Gotta excel at this mention
Super lightsaber action
See me slice n dice 'em
Christ, I'm such a demon
Love of the game can bring fame to your eyes
I just wish to kill, big eyed wide surprise
Let it go under the belt and cut me slack
Comin' back from a brief time where I chillaxed
Takin' some games in, Playstation
Xbox, Nintendo, Same vocation
Hey you Pikachu! Yes you honey boo
Come back to mines? I got booze
I'm Travis Touchdown with loose strings
That's why I'm on a roll for this view
Bang Bang

Bridge (x2):
It's time to say goodnight
You are gonna die
Coming for yo head
Let me kill 'em tonight!

Straight comic when in a fight
The thrill brought to life
I'm on point, what up Phife
Fixing to be drifting in my bike
Head throbbin', I'm a nuisance
Kill me, I'll play Judas
You foolish? Die slow
Here's a nice red shower rainbow
Case closed
Where's the police though?
No More Heroes
That's right, goodbye chico
We let it burn as the swords clash
This is the end, Final Flash
Catch me if you can while I make that dash
And when the building blows
My name won't be mentioned cause I cut town

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