Vedo The Singer
In My Feelings
[Verse 1]
Two in the morning
Ex's calling ma phone and
All I can think about, is you
I see here you moaning
Breakfast in the morning
I can't get you off my mind (mind)

You know I still remember
A little thing that you do
When you off that liquor
And I'm all on you
You know we got some unfinished business
So come over, take your clothes off
Let me here to see you [dose?] off

Now I know you got a man and
You don't really do that
But I bet you still remember what went down when we sip Cognac
That XO, we be off that XO, when we had the best sex tho
It goes down for real
Can I get a piece of your time, for real?

You got me in my feelings (oh oh oooooh)
I know he don't kill it like I kill it when I'm in it
You got me in my feelings (oh oh oooooh)
I got something to say
Hope you don't take this the wrong way
I'm in my feelings

[Verse 2]
Cause it ain't me, makin' you grip them sheets
I still remember when you called me "Daddy"
Making love anyway you have me
No, I can't forget the way you
Put it down on me (woo)
Went down on it
N***a damn, that drawn for me

I know you remember that little thing that I do (I do)
When I'm off that liquor and I lick you
Let me remind you, let me get behind you
The way back, I know how to catch, I know where you at
Imma find you


[Verse 3]
I'm in my feelings
I must admit it
I want you back for a night (ooh yeah)
Baby I can make it all right
And even though I let you go (let you go)
And we will never ever be
For the one time let's f**k up the sheets