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Hey Young
When you first started this sh*t it was for your hood, it's your block. Now the world is your hood, my n*gga. We got more sh*t to straighten out, more people to motivate, more people to talk to, more people that's gonna listen. Damn, my n*gga, you still here? They thought you fell off by now. Guess is true what they say huh? They hate you when you smarter. This is Trap or Die 2. Don Cannon. The return of the Snowman. Come on my n*gga, what's better than that? I'm asking you

Let's go!
Fell off? I'm bout to pick up where I left off
Like when cuz used to front up that whip, got it the hell off
Took that bullsh*t to the block, and went the hell off
It even left the scent in my jeans, can't get the smell off
And the mood is you got to be quick, coz it will melt off
And you stuck with eggnog in the bag it won't sell off
Sell off? Yeah I doubt that it will sell off
Every n*gga you sell it to will call you til you turn your cell off
And every day I'm stuck in this hell, can't get the hell off
Back then they weren't wishing me well, wanted me well off
n*ggas trying still of my clients, turn my till off
Won't be happy til I put up my bags and turn my (?) off
So I'm grinding til your battery's low and you (?) off
So I guess I'm stuck flipping these words until I'm well off
That money is like a movie, it's just something you gotta see
You just can't say you're real, it's something you gotta be
103 n*gga
103 n*gga

Young, they talk about you fell off...
Ain't no horses around here n*gga
Come on man ""fell off"
Oh horses, you must got it confused with Porsches
Hey Young did you fell off your Porsche?
Crazy n*ggas, "fell off"..
Well if you ain't got it by now, IT AIN'T MEANT FOR YOU TO GET
Trap or die 2
The man, the myth, the legend, Don Cannon

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