Oh Lord


[Intro: Vera Hall & Tamika Mallory]
Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Don't nobody know my troubles but God
Don’t nobody know my troubles but God

Ooh Lordy (This a coordinated activity happening across this nation)
Ooh Lordy (And so we are in a state of emergency)
Ooh Lordy (Black people are dying)
Don't nobody know my troubles but God (We cannot look at this as an isolated incident)

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
My momma still sick (Sick), ain't sh*t new (Nah)
Ain’t much changed, the hood still blue (Woo)
Ridin' with a dirty chopper but the wood still new (Boom)
If they catch you off at Wendy's they might kill you too (Yeah)
George still dead, Breonna still gone (Gone)
Ahmaud Arbery, nah he never made it home
Forty million unеmployed, what the f**k is goin' on?
Let's burn this b*t*h down, rеbuild it like it's Rome (Haha)
I check out the news, RIP Lil' Marlo (Marlo)
They done killed a baby, took a breath with a hallow
Only in America, they drink us straight up out the bottle (Woo)
Racism, no chaser, that's some hard sh*t to swallow
I’ma pray for Chi-Town, it’s goin' down like Beirut
They wanna make us start war, that’s why they sendin' in the troops (Damn)
Send 'em somewhere where they know they gon' shoot
I can smell war, that’s why I'm lacin' up my boots (Let's go)
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