"Here We Go"

Damn, turn me up a little bit
God damn, Cannon
You ain't f**kin' around boy! Yeah

Here we go (Let's go)
Chopper, hold them fifties by the door (Door)
b*t*h, I got blue hundreds on the floor (Woo)
Arm and hammer run, I'm at the store (Talk that sh*t, n***a)
Sick of nightmares of being poor (Yeah)
That's evil, I can smell it on your shirt (Ayy)
That's cut, 'cause I can smell it on the work (Woo)
My uncle used to tell me, "Know your worth" (Worth)
My grandma used to make me go to church (Let's go)

[Verse 1]
Times get hard, still believe in God (God)
Know some n***as down in Broward still believe in fraud (Woo)
Prеacher told me that I need to live my lifе with grace (Grace)
Lawyer wanted twenty 'fore he even touched the case (Damn)
Boy you be talkin' that sh*t 'cause I'm out the gutter (Gutter)
And I was talkin' that sh*t when I came out my mother (Woo)
Before he took his first breath, I lost my only brother (On God)
We motherf**k the world raw, I lost my only rubber (Let's go)
Now they gon' tell you that I really wasn’t 'bout that ('Bout that)
Like I ain't have a whole mill' before the contract
Like I ain't stand up in that kitchen catching contact (Woo)
Hey, I ain't like it so I had to make a comeback (Let's go)
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