"Modern Day"

Woo, yeah
Being black n***a, it's like a modern-day crime
M-m-m-modern day crime

[Verse 1]
They say I fell off, I bounce back, I got it in me
Hustle fully automatic, dawg, don't do no semi (Yah)
Seven-day grind theory, dawg, Hustleveli ('Veli)
That's why I got that thug motivation 'cross my belly (Yeah)
You confusin' me with them dawg? Must be a mix-up
Lots to celebrate, yeah, pour me up a big cup (Yeah)
n***a I ain't dead, I ain't in the penitentiary
All the sh*t I did, yeah, I could've did a century (Talk that sh*t, n***a)
n***a I was plottin' on missing elementary
Third period holdin' my vision, pockеts empty (Damn)
Please don't tеll me I can't do it, that will tempt me (Tempt me)
What you know about adversity? I tell 'em plenty (Let's go)

All these chains on, feel like a modern-day slave (Slave)
Ten-year sentence, that's a modern-day grave (What's up?)
Real estate n***a, that's a modern-day flex
Seven-figure n***a, that's a modern-day check (Let's go)
Self-made n***a, that's a modern-day grind (Haha)
Being black n***a, that's a modern-day crime (Yeah)
If he got a badge, that's a modern-day opp (Opp)
Motivation 'cross my belly, like a modern-day 'Pac (Let's go)
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