"Da Ghetto"

[Intro: Jeezy]
Oh, you gotta know when something related to this sh*t
Oh, you ain't did nothin' I ain't never did, n***a
Trust me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Chorus: Jeezy]
The ghetto
That's where I learned my lessons, where I got my blessings (Yeah)
The ghetto
Seen my first ten thousand, n***a I ain't even flexin'
The ghetto
On fire, no lighter (No lighter), hood like Al-Qaeda (Damn)
The ghetto
Got money on my mind (On my mind), that's why I pull them all-nighters
In the ghetto

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
Old school with the pipes on it
Pull up on the block, shoot dice on it (Damn)
And we don't give a f**k about the polices (Nah)
Got court in the morning, pray to sweet Jesus
Granny cooking neck bones, throw some rice on it (On it)
I got a fifth of brown liquor, throw some ice on it
Gotta get your checks cashed at the liquor store (Store)
And I'm playing Cash 3 at the Texaco (Haha)
Apartment so hot, gave your boy a tan
Swear I just seen the homies on Gangland (Damn)
You either on parole or probation
The DA gonna send you on vacation (Yeah)
Turn the water back on with some grip pliers
All the telephone poles got club fliers (Yeah)
Ten-year sentence, modern-day grave
Where they still treat us like modern-day slaves
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