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[Producer Tag]
(Lunar Vision, are you here?)

[Intro: 9C]
I got the juice
Aye, aye
Young 9C man

[Verse 1: 9C]
I'm smoking in the forest like an animal
Tearing out the flesh of my opponents like a cannibal
I'm never understandable
Slurrin' all my words that makes my lean inside some denimals
The gods are daiming me inside the hell you know
I'm locked up, I'm strucked up
With chains all on my wrist now
I'm tearing down these walls now
These hoes all on my balls now
Not answering calls now
I'm busy cutting my heart now
I'm runnin' down
I'm p*ssed off
You f**k with me and we crackdown
f**k this sh*t, b*t*h
Hater suck a d**k, b*t*h
f**k with me
You f**k with me
I'll leave you in a pit b*t*h
Suffer word - supernova
Everything inside
Ending your life
Touching [?] on sight
[?] yuh
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