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Big ass Backwood, I'm huffin and puffin
I shoot up your house and your momma start buggin
I pull out my di*k and I f*ck no discussion
I eat up your pus*y and f*ck no discussion
Big ass choppa so n*ggas not tusslin
You ain't sippin wat lil n*gga thats tussin
I dont know this n*gga
I just put my sausage inside a McMuffin
Codine on a camel so n*gga im crushin
When i [?] ain't no discussion
I pull out a pistol and end the discussion
I beat up a pus*y and smoke me a russian
Big ass choppa [?]
When I pull my di*k out, your b*tch she get on it

These drunkies they hooked on the dope like its phonics
Me and my [?] speakin ebonics
The cops on my di*k
Think i got me a warrant
I pulled out my di*k and your b*tch, she was for it
Got a fat ass Backwood
Look like Lizzo
My di*k long look like limo

If you don't get money why is you here for

She suck on my di*k before I finish my sentence
These n*ggas don't get it, they not comprehendin'
When I get the money I get right to spending
This magical life that I live is so expensive
When she hear my lyrics she sat there offensing
Next thing you know I'm in her mouth like a dentist
You beefing with me, you're going to end up on oxygen
If you don't f*ck with me, why did you follow then

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