Vincent Price
Mad Nice
[Verse 1: Black Thought]
Now ever since I can remember I been living blue collar
Searching for something, trying to make a few dollars
I was never too polished, and never on the fly list
Them shorties used to tell me I needed a new stylist
My birthdays came
Instead of selling me a promise
My mom, was dead honest
Like "Yo, we ain't got it"
Better be a Rhodes scholar
Trying to make, son outta, the school of the hood
That be the ghetto alma mater
It's a long drawn out saga, like The Godfather
Coming up this hard, it made a n***a rock solid
Now I be the top shotter, heart of a Rottweiler
The boss that learned to move cautious as A**ata
I don't take sh*t for granted, I'm strong single-handed
And I ain't quick to panic, but I can't lift the planet
My one and only concern is that ya'll understand it
If it's understood, then good, I'm taking this advantage
I've been waiting for them cameras, the stage is mine
I'm coming up, but I still got a ways to climb
It ain't a reason I should fall off or change my grind
I'll be alright, as long as I heed the danger signs
Come on!
I just wanna fly, can't get away
This type of sh*t happens everyday
(This ain't funny, so don't you dare laugh)

[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
Straight and narrow, as the flight of a sparrow
Stalking through the jungle have you paro as a pharaoh with a bad toe
Seat up in a beat up Camaro
How you 'posed to shoot for the moon with one arrow?
And no bow. Don't blow your hibachi
Look like a Ferrari 'cept its only a mirage
Troopered out, but choose to go the stupid route
Catheter on and a half of a moon in a putrid mouth
Keep the name out
Heck, check the repertoire
Right there where it say "who catch wreck and kept it raw"
Accepted in the name of Allah, a leopard's paw
Swept it, and stepped it like (Zakah and Nekobaa?)
Ask questions later
Villain, the invader in a mask for the paper
Spent the cake on a light rice bowl
Wouldn't waste a wait on a date off the lice pole
Dice roll, it's like he know magic, hat trick
Writing flows that make Little Mikey go spastic
It's so drastic, pa** the cash quick
Don't get your monkey-a** kicked for no plastic
Take it all back in a tall pack, don't stack, bozack
Hit him if you need some mo' crack, go pro-black
That's the price for a tad of bad advice
At least he got fat 20's and he mad nice