Mackenzie Nicole
So Lonely
[Hook: Mackenzie O'Guin, Tech N9ne]
So Lonely, So Lonely
So Lonely, So Lonely
When I came up
I was famous
And I stayed up
Now I'm way up
People they just
Turn they hate up

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Been alone ever since I started
To be an artist
I've been disregarded
I mean the hardest ever seen
I put them in the garbage to be departed when I spit this
Dwamn he is wicked
Face covered up just like Stanley Ipkiss
But damn he is lifted were no families listed
Plan to revisit that big plan that he misses
But the land that he shifted, twisted a bit
'Cause man he resisted to jam when he scripted
Calamity Insanity with it
Like amity preaches sickness hit when banished he's livid
So Blow me, with a bucket of hot feces poured on me
Never loved it, now y'all just be so phoney
No Homies
Would I never let bozos with so-so flows own me
When it said it gets better it's just baloney
That's why N9na's so lonely


[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
This my planet higher then yours, damn it
No laws and it's no raw candidates I made them all vanish
Vandalistic with this
If man get his lips in this
Quick damage and rip the b*t*h
No bandages with a fit he draws panic
From clones I spit it up and then they gone
And I'm living it up within my zone
Nobody left to win my throne
Try calling home but everybody is so monotone
And your getting this while the Tech is all alone

[Blind Fury]
Tech, Wait
It's so Lonely up here (why)
Ain't none of my homies up here
'Cause they feel like I chose a career over my peers
But I try to tell them love don't pay bills
But me spittin' these frees and pre-writtens
Is probably what's gon' make mills
Try to stay chill
When a lot of rappers lust and chase thrills
F**k the fame and the thrills I'm maintaining the real
Straight up fury ain't no jury minus the chain and the grill
To me, you were lame if you ain't been embracing the skill
Ya see, 'cause I been in it, for a minute, and I ain't gonna go away
Y'all keep them trash rappers, but I'm the one that y'all throw away
Them songs I make will show the pain but this game ain't to friendly
I can't take it no more so sing it Mackenzie and tell em' why I'm

[Verse 3: Blind Fury]
Got everything that I wanted but it came with a price
Bought me a crib with my money, but I gave up my life
Sometimes I stay up kinda late, and I hate it at night
Every other day me and my lady we break up and fight
Thinking you bringing that mentality into my galaxy
Is a fallacy for anybody that battle me
Realizing I ain't got nothing but friends and family
And after that ain't nobody else gonna look after me
So I'm proud to be

So Lonely (x8)