Oh tell em that they dont know
Oh no no no
Oh i be with the Famo
Man they know that im a problem (yeah yeah ) *2
Tell these N***as imma cut em (yeah yeah )*2
I do this for my
Famo Famo Famo Famo *2
I tell em that they dont know
I be with the Famo
I tell em that they dont know
I be with the Fam

Verse 1 (Bryn Many)
Lord forgive me lord forgive me
Coz im about to kill
All of these n***as in the city
The ones that are not with me
Bless the ones thats riding for me
On that blood and sweat
Tell em imma catch a body i am sorry eh
Im about to burrie all these n***as
Major plvg homie you should
Come and take these pictuers
Tell everybody out here
They should come here just to witness
I am greatness proud to say this
You should come for lessons
Im humbly humbly
That is my protogy
No one can humble me
I am the bumble b

Proud to say im a beast and im born appet**e
They still got me on a leash
Bt wait until i release


Verse 2 (Mckay)
Check in the bag i got a k
Im talking 100 degrees
I got a wave im like the ocean
I am cooler than a breeze
And u rise and fall like the fees
I want it all i got it all
Now u n***as want a peace (yeah yeah yeah)
Check my swag whats your take
Check my chain i just brag
Now check my roley its not fake
Is that your girl man she my cake (ice yeah)
You all ready know im the man (yeah yeah)
Why u still on green peter pan (yeah yeah)
Why you still be tripping poping zane (yeah yeah)
Man i do it all coz i can