Gbg anthem
[Verse 1: McKay]
She Shedding tears seeing cash I spent
But I made it all right back like Trent
Only been in the game for a minute
But I made your man shed tears like Kent
Got lots of thoughts in my head but I need that '97 Ben yedder
Get opps a whole lot than deader
Tons of sheffin is the vandetta
Even opp them say I’m OP, they the last P 'cus them's a pu**y
Mans DM’s just there sitting and they girlfriends slide in like Toosie
Head game on a 100, she got good brain, I think that b*t*h Lucy
D**k game on 200, beat that pu**y up she think a man Bruce lee
Your girl said you weren’t enough
Now she wants Mo like Salah
Nah, I heard that u acting tuff
Man Run you down Mo Farah
Don’t think that man them bluff
My greens on a ray, that's gamma
Heard you think you Osama
Man blow up your cave, Obama
Y and walk it
I don’t just walk it, b*t*h, I talk it
If you still hating on me
I’ll pull out my d**k and you can suck it
If you still talking that sh*t
I pull out my Glock and I ain’t gon tuck it
Buck it, rock it, C*ck it
'Fore you know it, man pon it ,done it, run it
Bando living, Pyrex whipping
Me and bro, that’s Rambo twinning
Bro get tappy, hotline blinging
I'm still in the Bando tripping
Of course man took dem trips
Mandem with me taking risks
Got waps and shanks in the whip
Why would you play with your life like this
If ballie on me, I'm ready
I shot my shot and missed
Only lord knows that boy got lucky
Make man rise that .12 gauge shotty
Sawn if shotty
I tap that properly
If a opp gets got unlucky
Opp block comfy
It might get duppy
I swear I'm tryna turn man duppy
I been on the roads with the Mandem
Doing up f**kery
Now mans just staying in school
Paid in full
I ain’t talking bursary
Don’t play with the gang they murky
2 hands when I rise this brucky
It’s lit when man get lurky
'Cah man a been a bad boy since nursary
If bro pulls up issa must
Back my blade I do it for the cause
Oi, run up mouth get bored
Big man put your lies in pause
And good in my hood of course
Run a man down and I do it by force
Jump in the whip, doing up tours
Still in the field am breaking laws
I got Gs from Mogadishu that’s hoping me and you’s got issues
Your mum’s gon be getting a tissue to wipe her tears 'cus she’s gon miss you
Beef ain’t stopping, Heads get popping
When I buck into opps they cutting
Bro got the hand tin
Squeezed and dropped him
Don’t ask me I dunno who’s got him

[Verse 2: ?]
Last year that b*t*h wouldn’t allow me but this year she’s my peng ting
Chef man down is the anthem
I’m finna buss my thing allow me
Bro shoot at a opp
And tell them is up
I’m gettinmy hand on a clutch
See man like Ricky
Gon leave you icky
And do up the dash for the run up
What you know about spilling
What you know bout Naruto drilling
Make a man disappear, Houdini
Make a man disappear, who did it
I’m gon drag on this ball like krill in
And let mandem do the chinging
Vicious unionm we in it
I got the ballie in mem no seeing
Did it in the main road
We stuff 6 man in the 5 door
That was the pay roll
We did it and laid low
Got a new project, now took up the bando
Lethal weapon hit like Kano
I work on myself that’s work rate
You talk on you sh*t, that’s certain
GBG, gang most wanted