I Love Your Lifestyle
Oh, Twisted Me
[Verse 1]
I had (I had)
That something (something)
Until that tension caught me
And now I'm searching for that (for that)
Before your attention catches me again

[Verse 2]
I try not to be a salesman
Yet I try hard to be a good colleague
Well f**k that
Ain’t there anything more important to say?
I guess not
Well guess again

Fighting heights, learning to do
All the stupid things they're telling us to
We should start our acting
Start to convert our own words into action
And start to make a difference
Let us practice what we just preached
And see how well we do

Who am I to tell you what to do?
I'd save time, and a lot of energy
And make up with my own self-centered mind
And make up a new plan of my way of living

Ignorance will make us rich
Let us count our big money
And celebrate our fortunate faith
Our lack of empathy will make us great
"Punks want to smash the state
But the only thing they do is drink and smell bad"
I guess that includes you and me
Oh, how we're all so dumb and sad