Rewolucja Romantyczna (ENGLISH TRANSLATION)


[Verse 1: Blu]
I'll shoot you in the head and you'll lie in blood
I'll make you a stain on the ground
Someone call the police
You were so f**king close to me
You were everything to me
I'll make a stain on the ground out of you
I'll take your money before you dry off
Because you know, I gave you my soul
You've been a lesson for me, about not trusting anyone
Because you know, I'm big now
And if you come one step closer you'll end up in f**king holes

[Verse 2: Bedoes]
I am an idol to so many, but I'm garbage to myself
It's private propеrty, motherf**kers, you won't come in
If hе's with me, then he's definitely under the equipment
I'm not afraid of Satan, I'll tear his f**king heart out
Instead, I'm afraid of God, I still keep committing sins
And my contact with my mother is getting worse day by day
This is to all of my lost ones
This isn't Bedoes speaking now, Borys from Bydgoszcz is talking
I don't give a f**k about the MPs
My friend from high school has a wiretap
A bit of weed, a bit of molly, a bit of coke
I know nothing about Politics, I was sitting high in physics
Every day at school, I fought for my life
I grew up in pathology where only dealers were around
They always told me to hate fagots
I hate pedophiles, police and rapists
If you hate gays, you must have too much free time
My words are AK-47s, I will keep loving my people
Even if one comes out with his sexuality
Because that's how I'm brought up and these are my rules
Loyalty forever, and we hit on our enemies mothers
You either fix the country or I'll fully destroy it
Taco spoke politely, but it didn't work
I will not f**k around, I f**k the MP
And every other donkey that doesn't want peace in this country
They make LGBT-free zones while this country is collapsing and cries out for love only
Poles abroad still yearn, and Poles in Poland are only thinking about how else can they make others feel bad
What the f**k is this environment?
Get your c**t sorted out, you f**king c**t
Are you with the PiS or PO, I don't give a f**k
Be a good human, you f**king idiot
We only have one life
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