Beat 1

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
This right here
This right here, right here, right here
It’s my application
Where do I sign my name?
It's Mickey! watch this
Welcome to the guild it’s a synagogue get involved
Journeyman with a sturdy hand when I’m pennin' bars
Dirty plan like a dirty man during intercourse
Healer to the sinners during pentecost cold
Winner in a winter with a little frost and a talk of a rented Porsche
Horsepower of a minotaur in a little car going really far
Kindergarten top Colonel on a block with a pitstop
Locked in a concrete spot you cannot hurdle
Polo top hot cuz we’re running from the game and the Robocops
Cuz he got a 40 block c*cked for my top like I’m not fertile
Government block buying Arizona plots taking pictures
With a satellite shot
Just to crop circles in the middle of the picture making crop circles
Ferraris with the tints
Park it by the bench in the projects
It’s a project to project when I market to the Penske
Following the blimps hot
Hot air, I’m there
The Department of Defense
Five sides to the body if you squint real hard
Morphology to the S is the worst squint
Now you gotta quint, hmm
That’s five, right?
Dark night on the Harley with a quinn
Smooth Gemini
Look even Harley got a dent two sides
Teach you how to rob, not like 50 cent
Teach you how to rob you could probably be the Grinch
Sleeping on me now you gotta get a pinch
Or you gotta get a kick till the top doesn’t spin
You can call me Cobb if we friends
Leonardo got a twin
I’m a prodigy of Prince
Wreak havoc on your prodigy again
All city chess prodigy
Bobby with the pen
Five moves and you check
I got the word play locked
Doing thirty in the third lane
With a mermaid giving bird brain top
Make an earthquake stop on Thursday, bop!

Beat 2

[Intro: Sample]
(Only the same thing...

[Verse 2: Alfred Banks]
I’m from the city of New Orleans
Where everybody on Bourbon probably an alcoholic
Went to Bauduit elementary
Right off magazine & Laurel
Tchoupitoulas ain't mispronounced
Cuz we all know what they call it all
Awww yeah
I’m hands free you can’t touch it
Well how the hell he doing what he doing without a budget
That’s what the people asking they can’t picture that
Like is like Instagram;
I’ll let you make your own caption
Presskit looking like a rapper wish list
Make you look questionable if you diss this
Meanwhile people asking me where my disc is
I heard yours and through your sh*t just like a discus
I’m athletic your brand is pathetic
Homie you getting owned even with my bad credit
Shouts to Mickey for the alley I’m gonna Sean Kemp that
He called me his little brother and this is the get back
Get up before you get jumped you little punk
Your new sh*t I booed this
Just like a monk
From complex to Revolt you know what I’m about
My name is Alfred Banks and I’m repping the South
Come on
Beat 3

[Verse 3: Zikki]
It’s a wake up call for my generation
Do a lot to feed the fam without a hesitation
Contemplating grabbing nickel plate
Stick it up in people’s faces
While I’m faded tell them give me all their change
I don’t know how I’m gonna pay rent
Got me on it like a pirate I’m a tyrant
I’ve been pumping Kevin Gates
Well see the problem is I’m tired
I ain’t sleeping right in days
Things are crazy in my life so I’m just crazy all the time
I probably said before tonight
I’m f**king losing it
I got a fuse this length and nobody diffusing it
Nobody get through this sh*t
Lose a limb
I’m nobody to fool with
I smoke bodies with sewage
Pressure from all the bullsh*t
I don’t care no more
I’m outcast
Broken without a cast
I hope it’s f**king romantic
But not really romantic
Just hopeless with high hopes
Life another planet is somewhat is eye to eye with me
But you won’t understand it that sh*t ain’t expected
But I only give you one choice
With that you’re gonna respect it
With all this f**king pressure I still believe perspective
Directed at the moon I mean the sky is my perception
We all know life is rough so I get an erection
F**k it till it comes within my reach and I caress it
Never take away the countless time that I’ve invested
Take it to the top or I die in that direction
Beat 4

[Verse 1: Rich Flizzy Flow]
Freaking mommy I need a diva with a body
And I need a new chick if her demeanor is sloppy
I need a freak in the lobby
I need my briefs to by Tommy
I need some brand new Giuseppe
I need my feelings are naughty
I need a two tone Porsche
I need my roof and a tuck
Wait a minute matter of what I need a proof and a truck
I need my gin in a bottle
I need my juice in a cup
When my life’s too tight I need to loosen it up
I need my family supporters
I need my kids in my corner
You know that all my new sh*t got the people going crazy
I need to kiss the forehead of a newborn baby
I need a lick in the back
House in the hills
Millions of dollars to pay thousands of bills
I need a big a** closet
I need a stylist for real
I need my own auto shop just to polish the wheels
Gold in my mouth
Watch on my wrist
Make these n***as sick when they watching my wrist
I need my checking my funds
I need bread and my crumbs
I believe in my biscuit
I need my eggs on the one
I’m as sick as they come
Halfway out the hood try and get in the front
I need a Bic and a blunt
(oh my God)

Beat 4

[Verse 1: Diverse Character]
Long nights fill the appet**e
Stroll through the park in the afterlife
Hoping that Jesus walks in these latest flights
I’m just a young kid who never grew up flying kites
And flyer than the birds I never played with
I’m sicker than Magic Johnson when he isn't
I forgot to save me but feeling crazy just lately
Wasting all of my raps in these books of pages
They should pay me
Got bars like inst**utions
Got visions and resolutions
I feel the game has been polluted
I’m on the phone with Tim Allen
The home needs improvement
Birds fly me to the North
I’m searching for the love in the sport
Whole one join something led me to the court
Life’s a magazine I’m just searching through the source
What’s right how often questioned
It’s hard to function
Pen and pad is who I fell in love with
Make no a**umptions
I’m from a place, they tell you run it
Or like a car you get jumped quick
They be on some dumb sh*t
Lord save my soul, n***as on my heels
They fake Gucci so it’s hard to tell what’s real
They feel as though they medicine
That's why they popping pills
Demons in [?] often give me chills
Ain't no discussion
Chicken’s run when they dumpin'
I freed the underground like I’m Tubman
That’s why rappers in the game they so often love me
They all slaves with famous names
A better chain doesn’t earn the bank
I said, they all slaves and famous names
And better chain doesn’t earn the bank