Week 4 Reading Journal


Blood Is Thicker By Paul Langan: This book is mainly about a guy named Hakeem, he was a guy who had to go through alot with his family. His father was sick therefor he had to move with his uncle in order for him to be able to work and take care of his family.

Hakeem had no idea how he will solve his problem with his family. He had to move from California to Detroit to live with his uncle. His dad couldn’t work because he was really sick so his only solution was his uncle. Living with his uncle was also a problem because Hakeem and his uncle’s son didn’t get along with each other. Savon, Hakeem’s cousin was up to no good he wants to fight Hakeem simply because Hakeem is keeping an eye on him. Hakeem dislike that place but soon he met a pretty girl that lived right next door, he taught her how to play the guitar and she was the only person who could relive his pain.