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The Nostalgia Critic

"El Tango de Pretense"

[Phelous speaking:]
No, Critic, no!
You have to acknowledge the coolness of the scene! With the scene, there is the love!
With the love, there is the enjoyment!
With the love, there is the love-love-love-love-love-love!
But its pretentiousness will drive you mad!

[Phelous singing:]
They just cover pop songs elaborately!
It makes no sense
How they take it so damn seriously!
So proud of the way they rip songs apart
But a new coat of paint doesn't make it art!

[Nostalgia Critic singing:]
Though in my heart I know it's asinine
I respect the production design
Elements so diverse
All the hours of rehearsal you can tell
Not to mention the vision
To believe it would turn out well!

[Phelous singing:]
YouTube is where mash-up videos belong!
Otherwise just write your own damn songs!
So proud of the way they botch classic rock!
Ugh! These creative thieves
Can all suck on my...

[Nostagia Chick singing:]
There's no shame
In liking something lame
A rose by any other name
Is what it is
And if you like it, that's okay

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