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The Nostalgia Critic

"Linkara Dreamed a Dream"

[Linkara singing:]
I dreamed I'd be in this review
I was barely in the Moulin Rouge! one
I dreamed they'd give me stuff to do
Unlike PawDugan's Muppet Scrooge one

I'd critique Anne Hathaway
God, people freaked for her performance
"She sang the whole song in one take!"
Like that's some impressive feat
Broadway actors do that nightly

I dreamed I'd even –

(That SciFi Guy:) I just – I, uh, was grabbing my iPod
(Linkara:) I – I'm trying to do a one-take thing here–
(That SciFi Guy:) You're doing, like, a –
[That SciFi guy gets shoved aside]

[Linkara singing:]
I dreamed a perfect Les Mis film
Where Russell Crowe sung smooth and groovy
I dreamt the singers weren't so shrill
But then woke up and watched this movie

(That SciFi Guy:) Sorry, I just kinda forgot my –

(Linkara:) I dreamed I'd be on the TV! [Hits That SciFi Guy several times with his hat.] I dreamed that – [Shattering noises.]

(Linkara:) I dreamed life has strung me up...I dreeeeamed...

(That SciFi Guy:) Uh, here's your hat –


(That SciFi Guy:) I'm sorry, alright?!

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