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The Nostalgia Critic

"Do You Hear the Critics Sing?"

(NC:) Do you hear the critics sing?

(NC/Kyle/Paw:) Sing about how they don't agree?
It is a metaphor for life
When mouths are big and speech is free
When the pundits all concur
You need to pinch yourself, because
You must be dreaming if that happens
It never does...

(NC:) Will you draw your own conclusion
Or give up and follow me?

(Paw:) It's all subjective

(Kyle:) Just don't be pretentious, that's the key

(NC/Kyle/Paw:) There's even some people who didn't like Toy Story 3!

(NC/Kyle/Paw:) Do you hear the critics sing?
Whether they praise or they bemoan
They know opinions are like as*h*les
Everybody has his own

When you see a work of art
Go with your gut and don't despair
Either you liked it or you don't
And nobody cares!
Oh, ohhh!

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