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The Nostalgia Critic

"Angel of Stupid"

(Beth singing - album-only section:)
Angel of Stupid
Why do you make me
Sing like Emmy Rossum?
She is just so-so
Merely sounds better
By comparison

Insolent boy, this dumb whiny critic
What the f*ck is your problem?
Gerard never sang before this damn movie
And I think he sounds awesome

(Nostalgia Critic:)
This is the fault with these movies
Giving non-singers the spotlight
It's best to have no celebrity
They'd at least sound right

Angel of Stupid
This isn't working
Nothing will make us like it

(Nostalgia Critic:) You are totally insane

(Beth and Nostalgia Critic:)
Angel of Stupid, won't you admit it
Schumacher made a bad flick

I am no Angel of Stupid
I am pure sexy and coolness

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