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The Nostalgia Critic

"Wishing That This sh*t Never Happened"

(Hyper - album-only section:)
You were once my favorite critic
You made movies better

(Beth - album-only section:)
And you were a classic novel
Then came Andrew Lloyd Webber

Wishing that this sh*t never happened
Wishing we could just retreat
To times before
Over-bloated scores
And fairy tale endings

Wishing we could watch movies once again
Like The Princess Diaries 2
There on the couch
Laughing out loud
Without kidnapping you

The Phantom was a tragic figure
Not some emo canary

If only we could go back in time
To Christmas, oh, so merry

(Chester A. Bum - video-only line:) And I thought my problems were bad!

(Beth:) It's not enough

(Hyper:) I won't give up

(Beth/ Hyper:)
'Til I can press rewind
Wishing that this sh*t never happened
Then it could be him and me

(Hyper:) I'll use coercion

Where is the Persian
And ambiguity?
No more pretending
Won't let Webber slide

No more fun and games
I will make him mine

(Beth:) Help me press rewind

(Beth/ Hyper:) Help me press rewind

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